Tseng Min-lieh

Name: Tseng Min-lieh 

Title: Full-Time Associate Professor

Office: Room 625-3, Da-Yi Building

Laboratory: Room 625-3 Da-Yi Building

Personal Website:

Phone Number: 02-28610511 ext. 33322 

E-mail Address: mtseng@staff.pccu.edu.tw 

Office Hours: Monday (Periods 3-5), Thursday (Periods 4-5, 9)


  • Ph.D. in Mechanical Engineering, University of California, Berkeley, USA
  • M.S. in Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University, USA
  • B.S. in Mechanical Engineering, National Taiwan University


  • Associate Professor, Department of Mechanical Engineering, Chinese Culture University
  • Teaching Assistant, Department of Mechanical Engineering, National Taiwan University
  • Lecturer, Department of Aerospace Engineering, Tamkang University

Research Interests:

  • Automatic Control, Artificial Intelligence, Automation, Dynamics

Course Offerings:

  • Artificial Intelligence

  • Applied Mechanics

  • Automatic Control Theory

  • Linear Planning

  • Vibration

  • Kinematics

  • Linear Algebra and Applications



Academic publicationsJournal paper/Conference papers / NSC Project

Journal paper:
[1] Tseng, M.L., and R. A. Burton, 1982, “Thermal Stress in a Two-dimensional Plane Stress Half-space for a Moving Heat Input,” Wear, 79, pp. 1–9. (SCI, EI)
[2] Agogino, A.M. and M.-L. Tseng, 1990, Research on Integrating Neural Networks with Influence Diagrams (Final report to the Institute for Scientific Computing Research, Lawrence Livermore National Laboratory, November 1990.)
[3] Tseng, M.L., 1992, “Toward a Science of Mechanical Diagnostics,” Hwa Kang J. of Engineering, v. 6, pp.123-143, July 1992.
[4] Agogino, A.M., K. Naassan, and M.L. Tseng, “Intelligent Sensor Validation for Process Monitoring and Control,” MICRO Report 90-003, The Microelectronics Innovation and Computer Research Opportunities (MICRO) Program, (ed., Prof. William S.C. Chang, Chairman, MICRO Executive Committee, Mail Code R-009, UC San Diego, La Jolla, CA 92093- 0409), 1992.
[5] Agogino, A.M., M.L. Tseng and P. Jain, 1992, “Integrating Neural Networks with Influence Diagrams for Power Plant Monitoring and Diagnostics,” Proc. of the 1992 INNS (International Neural Network Society) Workshop, pp. 213-216.
[6] Tseng, M.-L., A.M. Agogino and P. Jain, 1993, Integrating Neural Networks with Influence Diagrams for On-Line Sensor Validation and Diagnostic Reasoning (February 5, 1993.)
[7] Tseng, M. L., 1994, “Mechanical Diagnostic Systems: a survey and Evaluation,” Hwa Kang J. of Engineering, v. 7, pp.69-86, May 1994.
[8] Tseng, M. L., 1995, “Introduction to Influence Diagrams,” Hwa Kang J. of Engineering, v. 8, pp. 113-125, March 1995.
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[13] Tseng, M. L., 2002, “On the Effectiveness of Integrating Probabilistic Neural Networks with Influence-Diagrams,” Hwa Kang J. of Engineering, v. 16, pp. 27-54, June 2002.
[14] Tseng, M. L., 2004, “A Micromechanical Model for Mode I Delamination in Composites,” Hwa Kang J. of Engineering, v. 18, pp.31-34, June 2004.
[15] Tseng, M. L., 2007, “Tracking Control for Linear Non-minimum-phase Systems Based on A Blocking-zero Hold Function,” Hwa Kang J. of Engineering, v. 21, pp.23-28, June 2007.
[16] Tseng, M. L., 2010, “Tracking Control for Linear Non-minimum-phase Systems Based on Polynomial Hold Function,” Hwa Kang J. of Engineering, v. 25, pp.23-30, January 2010.
[17] Tseng, M. L., and M-S Chen, 2010, “Chattering reduction of sliding mode control by low-pass filtering the control signal,” Asian Journal of Control, Volume 12 Issue 3, pp. 392 – 398, May 2010. (SCI Expanded)

[18] Song-Sian Wun, Yan-Siang Liao, Mu-Rong Siao, and Ming-Lei Tseng, 2011, “Design of an Adaptive Configuration Vehicle,” Hwa Kang J. of Engineering, v. 27, pp. 88-95, January 2011.

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Conference papers

[1] Jeng-Tze Huang and Ming-Lei Tseng, “Global Adaptive Neural Tracking Control of Strict-Feedback Systems with Bounded Uncertainty,” 2012 7th IEEE Conference on Industrial Electronics and Applications (ICIEA), Singapore, July 18-20, 2012.
[2] Chien-Jen Chen , Shen-Tang Cheung, Hung-Yi Chao and Ming-Lei Tseng, “Energy Storage Keyboard by Use of Piezoelectric Materials,” 2011 Intelligent Living and Digital Life Conference, IDLC11-042, Chinese Culture University, Taipei, Taiwan, April 29, 2011.
[3] Tseng, Ming-Lei and Min-Shin Chen, “A New On-Line Interpolation Scheme Based On A Controlled D/A Converter,” Proceedings of 2008 CACS International Automatic Control Conference, National Cheng Kung University, Tainan, Taiwan, Nov. 21-23, 2008.

NSC Project:

[1] 計畫名稱:101年度大專學生參與專題研究計畫【 三輪車前輪轉向機構 】
計畫編號:NSC 101-2815-C-034-004-E
[2] 計畫名稱:101年度 【 針對輸出干擾的強?動態增益觀測器及其強?控制應用 】
計畫編號:NSC 101-2221-E-002-098
[3] 計畫名稱:100年度 【 適應性的重複控制 】
計畫編號:NSC 100-2221-E-002-081
[4] 計畫名稱:九十七年度專任教師研究計畫案【Tracking Control for Linear Non-minimum-phase Systems Based on A Second-Order Polynomial Hold Function】
計畫編號: (97)研評字 第018號
[5] 計畫名稱:八十八年度【應用智慧結構於系統狀態監測之研究】
[6] 計畫名稱:八十七年度【應用類神經網路於結構之模態控制】
計畫編號:NSC 87-2212-E-034-002
[7] 計畫名稱:八十六年度【膠帶張力與速度控制】
[8] 計畫名稱:八十五年度【膠帶張力與上膠厚度控制】
[9] 計畫名稱:八十三年度【Drilling Process Design & Environmental Effect of Aerospace Composites (III)】

1. Min-Shin Chen and Ming-Lei Tseng, 2011, “A New Design for Noise-Induced Chattering Reduction in Sliding Mode Control,” Sliding Mode Control, Andrzej Bartoszewicz (Ed.), Chapter 24, pp. 461-472. ISBN: 978-953-307-162-6, InTech. Available from: http://www.intechopen.com/articles/show/title/a-new-design-for-noise-induced-chattering-reduction-in-sliding-mode-control.
2. Tseng, M. L., 1991, Integrating Neural Networks with Influence Diagrams for Multiple Sensor Diagnostic Systems, Ph.D. Dissertation, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, U. C. Berkeley.

3. Tseng, M. L., 1980, Thermal Stress in 2-D Half-Space for a Moving Heat Input, Master Thesis, Dept. of Mechanical Engineering, Northwestern University.



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