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Fu Ho-ling

Name: Fu Ho-ling

Title: Full-Time Associate Professor

Office: Room 624-2, Da-Yi Building

Laboratory: Room 703, Da-Yi Building

Personal Website:

Phone Number: 02-28610511 ext. 33721 

E-mail Address:  

Office Hours: Monday (Periods 6-7), Wednesday (Periods 5-6), Thursday (Periods 5-8)


  •    Ph.D. in Aerospace Engineering, University of Colorado, USA

  •    M.S. in Aerospace Engineering, University of Michigan, USA

  •    B.S. in Aerospace Engineering, Chung Cheng Institute of Technology


  • Full-Time Associate Professor, Institute of Digital Mechatronic Technology, Chinese Culture University
  • Part-Time Associate Professor, Tamkang University
  • Part-Time Associate Professor, Chung Yuan Christian University
  • Part-Time Associate Professor, National Chiao Tung University
  • Full-Time Head of Institute, Chung Shan Institute of Science and Technology
  • Full-Time Quality Assurance and Maintenance Specialist, Taipei Songshan Airport

Research Interests:

Aerospace Engineering, Systems Engineering, Aeronautics and Astronautics Dynamics and Control

Course Offerings:

  • Computer Aided Design Analysis
  • Energy Conversion and System Efficiency
  • Digital Mechatronic System Integration
  • Virtual Reality and Real Time Simulation


Academic publicationsJournal paper/Conference papers / NSC Project

Journal paper:
[1] Ho-Ling Fu and Ming-Kai Hu, ” Home-Made 3-D Image Measuring Instrument Data Process and Analysis”, The 2nd International Conference on Multimedia Technology, July/ICMT2011,China Vo7
[2] Ho-Ling Fu and Chia-Lung Wu, ”The Inverted Pendulum Error Analysis With MATLAB Simulation and Validation”, The 2nd International Conference on Multimedia Technology, July/ICMT2011, China
[3] Ho‐Ling Fu, Wei‐Chiang Chang, “Wind Turbine Control Monitor System Simulation and Validation”, 2010 International Symposium on Computer, Communication, Control and Automation, IEEE, Taiwan
[4] Ho‐Ling Fu, Shu‐Ming Yu “Whisper500 wind turbine failure mode post-analysis and simulation”, 978-1-4244-4543-1/09 ,IEEE/PEITS 2009, , Shenzhen University, China
[5] Ho-Ling Fu、Jen-Chieh Su,CSIE 2009, ‘Optimization real time parametric simulation of Light Wind Turbine’,978-0-7695-3507-4/08,2009 World Congress on Computer Science and Information Engineering (CSIE2009),L.A U.S.A,2009/3/29
[6] Ho-Ling Fu, Chin-Yuen Huang, Wei-Chiang Chang, ’Real time simulation for parameter optimization with Pentium D and Pentium core 2 T7400 microprocessor’, 2009 World Congress on Computer Science and Information Engineering, ,L.A U.S.A,2009
[7] Ho-Ling Fu Ph. D, Hao-Tian Yang, “Human brain with α wave and learning memory analysis under external environment variations”, Proceedings of 2010 international conference on Instrumentation, Measurement, Circuits and Systems /ICIMS 2011, Hong Kong
Conference papers:傅鶴齡、游書銘,TwnWEA 第四屆台灣風能學術研討會,「Whisper500 風力發電機失分析及可靠度提升研討」,民國98 年12 月台北,中華民國
[2] 傅鶴齡, 蘇振傑, “ Optimization real time parametric simulation of Light Wind Turbine”, 2008 台灣風能學術研討會, Taipei, Taiwan
[3] 傅鶴齡, ‘系統工程概論’,2007 年,台中/滄海書局。
[4] 傅鶴齡、駱俊霖,TwnWEA 第二屆台灣風能學術研討會,「風機轉換效能參數分析研究」Wind Turbine Energy transfer Coefficient Parametric Study,民國96 年12 月台北,中華民國
[5] 傅鶴齡,’風能系統從葉片到全系統概念設計’,碳谷論壇,中華民國尖端材料科技協會,中華民國96 年11 月
[6] Ho-Ling, Fu, 「Integrated Application Of Wind Turbine Blade Technology 」,5th World Wind Energy Conference-cum-Exhibition,2006,New Delhi, INDIA
[7] Ho-Ling Fu ,Ying-Chun Wang ,Bos-Yun Huang and Ming-Kai Hu,” Satellite Orbital Parameters Variation analysis Study from Solar Cycle 24”, Space Weather Workshop April 2011, Boulder Colorado /USA
[8] Ho-Ling Fu Ph. D, Ming-Kai Hu, Ying-Chun Wang, Hao-Tian Yang, Chia-Lung Wu,” Parametric simulation Study----Using atmosphere integration technology with personal computers to join the best and most appropriate information to establish the database of space weather”, AIAA SPACE 2011Conference & Exposition, Long Beach California/USA
[9] Ho‐Ling Fu, Wei‐Chiang Chang , Shu‐Ming Yu, “Wind turbine remote monitor and data acquisition system”, 2010 臺灣風能學術研討會, 國立澎湖科技大學2010年12月17日臺灣.澎湖
[10] Ho‐Ling Fu, Shu‐Ming Yu, “Whisper500 wind turbine failure mode post-analysis and enhanced reliability”, 2009 臺灣風能學術研討會,Taiwan

[11] 傅鶴齡,黃欽淵,張偉強,“Real time simulation for parameter optimization with Pentium D and Pentium core 2 T7400 microprocessor” 第三屆可靠度與維護度實務研討會CSIE2009,Taiwan

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NSC Project:

[1] 計畫名稱:風能系統葉片3-D實體量測系統自製、量測數據、資料分析與應用
計畫編號:NSC 992221-E-034-010
[2] 計畫名稱:空科技任務導向計畫—太空天氣資料分析及資料庫建立


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