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Computer-Aided Engineering Lab.

Computer-Aided Engineering Lab

  • Statutory Responsible Person電腦輔助工程實驗室

Professor Chiang I-cheng

  • Laboratory

Room 801, Da Yi Building

  • Laboratory Members

Huang Chia-feng, Wang Ming-lung, Liao Po-ming, Wang Sung-po 

  • Facilities & Equipment
Automatic Insertion & Withdrawal Force Testing Machine
This machine, which is suitable for automatic tests of insertion and withdrawal forces on a variety of electrical connectors, can get completely accurate insertion and withdrawal force results when paired with a patent design automatic alignment device.  
Electromagnetic Compatibility Measuring Instrument
This device is used to test the electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) of products or electronic components. The measurement range is 1 GHz/3 GHz.
The efficient use of workstations can reduce computation time while performing a large number of operations.
CST offers a wide range of simulation software to address critical fields such as EDA, electronics, EMC/EMI, microwave, charged particle dynamics, statics, and challenges to low-frequency designs.
Autodesk Simulation Moldflow plastic injection molding design software helps manufacturers verify and optimize the design of plastic parts and injection molds through accurate prediction of the plastic injection molding process.
Abaqus FEA, which is a software suite for finite element analysis, provides powerful and comprehensive solutions for general and complex engineering problems in industrial




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